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My education and professional background are as rich and diverse as an expertly made dashi broth. I studied political science in college, worked in communications for the tech industry, got certified in holistic nutrition, and consulted Fortune 500 food and beverage companies. But all that really means is that I'm extremely adaptive and always come to the table with a fresh perspective.



I give a big sh#@ about the projects I work on. If we truly spend 80% of our time working, then why would we settle for anything less than amazing!?  I love and believe in the work that I do and expect that same kind of fire and tenacity with the makers and doers I partner with. If it's for the greater good or rooted in passion, then I want to take you there!


What excites me most are all the possibilities; being a visionary for thought leaders and start-up brands alike. Whether it's partnerships or business development, you're the expert in operations and I'm your marketing side-kick. Mixing equal parts market research, trend reports, and good ol' intuition, we can come together to make something impactful and scalable.



It always comes back to mutual connections and authentic partnerships. If you're not out there, you're missing out on the power of the network. It is not enough to just make something great, you need to position it just right and 'give it legs.'  Strong connections within the arts community and partnerships with area influencers will get you there. Leveraging a vast network of designers and stylists, I come in to educate, develop, and execute (scalable) visual design and experiential marketing campaigns. 


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Brand Marketing

Content Production  

Social Media Management

Market Research

Business Development

Event Management

Corporate Messaging

Editorial Design, Stylist

Product Launch

Campaign Strategy



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Fun Factoid

I love to dabble in astrology and haven't
met a doughnut I didn't like! 


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